(Opening: 11 April 2019 | Closing: 30 April 2019)

Job title Social Media Content Creator
Department Department of Arabic, IIRT
Payment 20,000 BDT (one time for 400 contents)


Job purpose:

Creating creative, engaging 400 contents for the department’s social media accounts keeping main focus on Facebook.

About the candidate:

  • Studied Arabic academically and have Arabic grammar skill at least of advance level.
  • Always remain up-to-date with all the social media innovations on both Instagram and Facebook and bring great social content ideas to the table.
  • Excellent visual content creation skills. Experience with storytelling, and communication skills through social media.
  • Has a proven track record of building engaging content and community interaction on both Instagram and Facebook.
  • Experienced in creating compelling social content that makes people excited to like, comment, and share.


  • Create strategic, on-brand 200 contents for departments social channels with a primary emphasis on Facebook.
  • Cultivate new content ideas and brainstorm innovative content formats.
  • Nature of contents will make people encourage to learn Arabic, Understand Quran.


  • Studied Arabic academically.
  • Advanced level Arabic language knowledge.
  • Active social media presence specially in Facebook for at least 2/3 years.
  • Have experience in managing Facebook page(s).
  • Have experience in creating engaging contents for Facebook page(s).

This is an one-time job contact. After completing the task payment will be sent. Interested ones having the above-mentioned skills are requested to send CV in within April 30, 2019.

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